“The Capability Way” refers to Capability IT’s process with our consultants and clients during a recruiting engagement. Many recruiting firms have a recruitment process, but ours is based on the trust and communication required to make a recruiting process thrive.

The Recruitment Process:

  1. Requirement Gathering
  2. Capability IT only focuses on requirements that are screened and prioritized with the client. Our direct communication with technical leads and organizational leadership, allows Capability IT to begin all engagements with a clear understanding of a client’s need.

  3. Recruitment
  4. All candidates are carefully reviewed prior to contact to assess general skills and experience. Our trained staff of recruitment specialists review all candidate profiles/resumes to categorize each consultant by specialty, location, and experience level.

    Phone Screen
    Each prospective consultant is thoroughly screened on the telephone to assess clinical skills, communication, and understand the unique attributes marketable to our clients.

    Professional References
    Capability IT requires 2 professional references that are related to the specialty requested. All reference letters and reference are verified/interviewed by our recruitment staff. Each reference must be given by a direct supervisor (if possible) at the time of employment.

    Skills Verification
    After the phone screen, every prospective consultant completes a comprehensive application, skills checklist, competency exams.

    Personal Interview
    The most important step to the hiring process is the personal interview. All candidates are met by a member of the Capability IT recruitment team. The primary activities of the personal interview are reviewing all documentation from previous steps, discussing current skills/limitations, securing a pay rate, completing all employment paperwork, creating a name badge, and obtaining all required credentials.

    National Background Screening
    All Capability IT employees are required to pass a national background check prior to becoming employed. This requirement is renewed on a yearly basis.

    Final Personal Interview
    Our director of operations and quality team are available to review all the documentation outlined. Clients are encouraged to participate in the final interview process if time permits.

  5. Assignment Confirmation and On-boarding
  6. Capability IT takes additional steps to ensure proper orientation of all our consultant staff. A final on-boarding session is scheduled to discuss locations, client policies and procedures, confirm contract period and rate, and time keep requirements.

  7. Ongoing Communication and Exit Interview
  8. Capability IT considers communication throughout the contract assignment to be a part of the recruitment process. Feedback from both the consultant and client is facilitated on a weekly basis by our recruitment staff. If feedback regarding the consultant or client is communicated to be unsuitable, an immediate replacement will be prioritized through the recruitment process.